Exhibition of Ryu Fukui & Martin Góth
The MONOTONE exhibition questions the basic characteristics of a painting or a sculpture, the visual (photographic) perception of human and shows the limits of reproduction. We can not see an artwork in two different conditions as the same, so their reproductions can not be equal either.
If we put a filter between the artwork and the viewer, we take away such informations that are essential in perception - may this filter be a digital camera, a plexiglas or one, specific viewpoint. These filters bring the different scales of the works on the same level and this way make them „invisible”.The filters are given, during the creative process the works have to be calibrated to them and the completed artwork consists of the proper conjunctions of the object, the filter and the viewer. The creative process (calibration) demands accurate data (quantities, sizes), scientific base and special conditions. These special conditions must be used while exhibiting the works.

Curator: Dalma Eszter Kollár