MET - Budapest Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences
with Roland Peltan-Brosz

AA Foundation - a nonprofit organization in Armenia

SZFE - University of Theatre and Film Arts
with Peter Orban

AT&CS - Department of Art Theory & Curatorial Studies
with Roland Peltan-Brosz

Büttner - a winery from Lake Balaton

Árpád Pálinka - a family-run distillery

Funmentor - a social based mobile application

Steelvent - one of the largest steel company in Hungary

Las Plantas - a Hungarian-Argentinian based a polo team

Zappos - online shoe and clothing shop

Mertek Architectural Studio

Késa - a small winery from south of Lake Balaton

Figula - a winery from north of Lake Balaton

Paava Clothing - a Budapest based fashion brand

Paava Cltohing - Biker Jacket

Las Plantas - a Hungarian-Argentinian based polo team

Axis Spectacles - lightweight wood frames manufactory

Alan Mcdonald - a photographer from Perth, Australia

Guggenheim - museum identity

Bikeology  - an exhibition in Museum of Applied Arts

Soneas - a chemical-medical firm

Spaces of Uncertainty - exhibiton

Korona - pasta manufactory

L² - our graphic design studio

Betford - Russian based tea company